Saturday 8th October / Carnival Arts Centre (Bar) / 

The Knockouts formed after most of former Luton Peel favourites Thrilled Skinny got back together in the early 1990s, and then again, from around 2000. While Thrilled Skinny' independent chart bothering tunes had a certain amount of craft towards the end of their run, The Knockouts don't. Early soundtrack and 60s garage punk influences can still be heard in their instrumental numbers, though their defiantly primitive music has taken on a harder and more offbeat quality following years of recording and a stubborn habit of playing a few gigs, here and there, including appearances with such bands as Shrug, Dream Themes, The Beat, The Monochrome Set, UK Decay, The Drunken Gentlemen and BCS Entertainments. The band and their music remain a mystery to many - including the band members themselves. Expect a showing from lumpy middle-aged men playing typical instruments, badly, but in an unusual manner.