Saturday 8th October / Carnival Arts Centre (Main Stage) /

Championed and promoted on David Bowie's official Facebook page, The Featherz have also supported the likes of Boy George on tour and have received raving reviews from music bloggers. Something is telling us that their performance at Levels Festival will be a highlight for many. 

"First up a little ramshackle glam punk courtesy of The Featherz. Unable to soundcheck (I think they got there a late) they seemed a little wrong footed at first but heck, that’s the punk spirit right? I can’t imagine the MC5, Stooges and Pistols sound checking back in the day. Fronted by Bowie fan Danie Cox (sporting a rather fine Ziggy cut) they tumbled through half a dozen tracks culminating in When Was The Last Time You Had Sex, as gloriously fucked up as Tracey Emin’s unmade bed."