Saturday / Harvey's Stage

Si Phili's rhyming style makes him one of the most respected MC’s in the UK underground. Phili has performed at various high profile Hip Hop events and festivals such as Hip Hop Kemp (CZ Republic), Peace not War (London), The Brighton Hip Hop festival, Depurcussion (Manchester) among many others.

Through out his 18 year career of rhyming, Si Phili has achieved “one of the best MC’s in the UK” status. He has performed and recorded with artists such as Public Enemy, KRS1, Big Daddy Kane, Flava Flav, The Pharcyde, Afu Ra amongst others. He also performed across the world with the award winning Gorillaz at The Brit Awards in 2001, performing the original “PLC” (Phi-Life Cypher) recorded version of “Clint Eastwood” released in the same year, available on the (Gorrillaz G-Sides).