THE BEar club

Rum Buffalo // 10PM

The Ouse Valley Singles Club // 9PM

Danni Nicholls // 8PM


carnival arts centre

Levels Festival Afterparty with Taste The Punch ft. Claptone // 11PM - 6AM

Lee "Scratch" Perry // 9PM (Main Stage)

Collapsed Lung  // 8PM (Bar Stage)

General Saint // 7.30PM (Main Stage)

The Scruff  // 7PM (Bar Stage)

Revellers Band  // 6PM (Main Stage)



The Wondersmiths // 10PM

 Tilt Back // 9PM

 J.W. Paris // 8PM 


saturday 8 OCt

THE BEar club

Jalen N'Gonda // 10PM

Abi Wade // 8.30PM

Leon Bratt // 7PM


the castle

TRC  // 10.10PM 

No Consequence // 9.10PM 

When We Were Wolves // 8.10PM 

No Sin Evades His Gaze // 7.20PM 

Scar City // 6.30PM

Dead Next Week // 5.40PM 

Sykopath Condor // 4.50PM 

The Hero Dies First // 4PM


the edge

Mike Skinner and Murkage present: Tonga  // 11PM - 4AM 

(Upstairs) Dose Radio Presents: // 11PM - 4AM



Si Philli // 10PM

Slippy Skills // 9PM

Hurricane // 8PM

MillZilla // 7PM

Ocean China // 6PM


carnival arts centre

The Fall // 10PM (Main Stage)

Arndales // 9PM (Bar Stage) 

The Nightingales  // 8PM (Main Stage)

Dinges // 7PM (Bar Stage)

Department S // 6PM (Main Stage)

Crap Crab  // 5PM (Bar Stage)

The Featherz // 4.30PM (Main Stage)

Hazard // 3.30PM (Main Stage)

The Knockouts // 3PM (Bar Stage)

sunday 9 OCT 

THE BEar club

Jazz Jam

TROPE, featuring Cherise Adams-Burnett

Jazz DJ

5PM - 11PM


carnival arts centre

Jay Kadn  // 10PM (Main Stage) 

Mumzy Stranger // 9PM (Main Stage)

Char Avell // 8PM (Main Stage)

Mo Money, Reya and Akik Haroon // 7PM (Main Stage)

The Mighty Hoo Haas// 7PM (Bar Stage)

Bilawal Ali Balouch // 6PM (Main Stage) 

Mantrata // 5PM (Bar Stage)

Kadam // 5PM (Main Stage) 

Pravin // 4PM (Main Stage) 

Dhols Royce // 3PM (Main Stage) 

EasyDread // 3PM (Bar Stage)

Majestic Sounds // 2PM (Main Stage) 



Cabbage // 10PM

L.A. Salami // 9PM

Tom Grennan // 8PM

Tangerines // 7PM

Lupo // 6PM

Dancehall // 5PM

Smokin' Durrys // 4PM

Black Doldrums // 3PM