Saturday 8th October / The Castle / 

UK metallers NO CONSEQUENCE return with third album Vimana, an album that’s set to make the UK tech metal frontrunners transcend the subgenre and compete in the wider metal realm with some of the biggest riffs by a UK metal band in a millennia.

Having mastered the most complicated end of the tech-metal spectrum, No Consequence have applied their skills to produce a more groove and melodic focussed sound, creating a heaviness and slickness unparalleled by most. Huge head bang inducing riffs and infectious hooks are aplenty, all performed with the band’s signature off-kilter flair.

Now seasoned touring pros, No Consequence have established themselves as one of the most impressive live acts on the European circuit having toured far and wide with Tesseract, Monuments, Chimp Spanner, Carcer City and many more.