What’s a festival without the spirit of volunteers making the weekend run smoothly? We need you!

There’s opportunity for you to be helping out at one of the stages, issuing wristbands at our ticket exchange, directing people around between venues and much more. If you want some experience in how a festival works, to be part of an incredible team for one of Luton’s biggest events and meet some amazing people, this is the perfect route to go down.

As a reward, we will give you a free ticket as a thank you for working 2 x 4 hour shifts. That means you can go from gaining some experience one minute, to watching, and discovering, your favourite band the next minute. If you don’t have any experience, that’s perfectly fine. We welcome it! We’re happy for anybody, and everybody, to help out and make Levels Festival the best music event Luton has seen.

If volunteering sounds like your kind of thing, please fill out the short form available in the volunteer section under ‘info’. Once that has been filled out, send it right through and wait to hear back from us.