Sunday 9th October / Carnival Arts Centre (Main Stage) / 

Music has inspired Char Avell from a tender age. Growing up in the heart of East London played a major role in Char’s music and upbringing. The harsh realities that surrounded him constantly and the major setbacks he had in his life, such as being homeless at a certain point in time and losing his dad at a young age did not stop him from fulfilling his long lived passion of becoming a singer. His family ruthlessness understanding for his love for music conflicted with their beliefs and certain traditions that he was brought up with. This caused constant bedlam in his household, but instead of giving it all in for the sake of his family Char took their words as criticisms and ceased this opportunity to prove them wrong and to get them on his side; which he later accomplished. 

Being on the road from a young age with his friends; greatly trying to make a living, struggling day by day, not only taught Char to defend for himself but to grow as an artist spiritually. Overcoming certain situations, such as losing friends in numerous car crashes and murders gave him the wakeup call that he desperately needed to do something with his life. The pain and suffering in his life made him stronger and inspired him to start writing down his emotions lyrically. This led his path to music.
Char realised his heart lied not only in singing but song writing. Turning his experiences into lyrics and combining his music in to compositions gives as a real insight to Char’s life and shows us his struggles with love, loss, life and relationships.