1) where can you buy tickets?

Tickets are available online now, and will be available at Luton based venues soon. 

2) where do i exchange my ticket for a festival wristband?

The wristband exchange will be situated in Levels Festival HQ in Bute Street, Luton, opposite Luton Train station.

All the venues operate a challenge 25 policy for purchasing alcohol, so if you are lucky enough to look under 25 please bring photographic ID to prove you are over 18. Anyone without photographic ID who appears to be under 25 will be issued with an under 18s festival wristband.

Accepted photo ID includes: passport, provisional / full drivers licence, Citizen Card, NUS card

3) what is the venue access and re-admittance policy?

Please note that access to any venue at any given time during the festival is not guaranteed, as access to venues is subject to their licensed capacity. Once a particular venue reaches capacity, that venue will operate on a one in one out basis until the head count in the venue reduces to below capacity. If there is a particular (or popular) artist you are very keen to see, you are recommended to get to the venue they are performing in early to reduce the chance of the venue being full when you arrive. Purchasing a venue Day Ticket or Levels Weekend Ticket does not guarantee access to a venue or priority entrance.

Should you wish to leave a venue you will not be able to re-enter if the venue is over capacity and will need to wait until space becomes available.